MAA PREP 2013 Workshop

Modeling: Early and Often in Undergraduate Calculus

Session Details

Session 0: Monday Dinner



Session 1: Tuesday AM

Software orientation

Mathematical functions for modeling

Fitting parameters

Session 2: Tuesday PM

The process of modeling

Session 3 Wednesday AM

Framework for the Day:

Warm-up and Resource

While we are gathering, try your hand at some of these quizzes, which can serve as a review of yesterday and as examples of the kinds of assessment activities you can give students. (Taken from Applied Calculus at Macalester.)

Derivatives and Anti-derivatives

Markdown and latex

Deliverable: Write up something using Rmd or Rnw.

Heuristics for model forms

Fitting and precision

Session 4 Wednesday PM

Contour Plots

Session 5 Thursday AM

Warm up

Working with your current textbook

Session 6 Thursday PM

Tools for Modelers

Building a case study

Session 7 Friday AM